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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Stripping Stories

Amazingly enough, the title is almost exactly what you think it is. We made it to church this morning (oddly, it's always easier in Dallas; maybe I'll delve into why later this week), and the service definitely held our interest. Patrick wound up in the nursery pretty early into the service because he was hyper and restless. I think he preferred playing with the other babies--and pretty nursery workers. What a boy!

In a way, it was great that he was in the nursery, because Matt and I were able to concentrate on the sermon much better without trying to distract him the whole time. And the sermon was definitely worth paying attention to. The speaker today was the intern that had been working with the youth group this summer (incidentally, I'm pretty sure he's the younger brother of a guy I went to college with). The point of the sermon was to emphasize that our "Sunday best" has nothing to do with clothing and that we should give our Sunday best to God and everyone around us every day of the week. To make his point, he slowly stripped out of his nice suit through the course of the sermon. I can say without hesitation that was the first time I've seen someone strip at church. (Don't worry. He stopped with a T-shirt and long shorts.) I was astonished at how composed he was as he stripped off a shirt or his pants, not even losing track of what he was saying at the time. It was definitely an unforgettable sermon.

Patrick was fussy when we got home from church, so he took a nap right away, forcing us to eat at home instead of out as we'd intended. He was happy when he woke up, though, and thoroughly enjoyed his late lunch, even trying pieces of real banana! He loved it, and I think that will become a new staple in his diet. (He ate a bean at dinner tonight too. Boy am I glad I'm not sharing a room with him.)

I got really sleepy mid-afternoon and headed to my room for a nap while Nana watched Patrick. He was sweaty after wearing his church clothes all morning, so Nana let him be a diaper baby for his nap later. While in his playard, he decided to show off one of his favorite tricks for Nana, and she and Matt found him a bit later with his diaper mostly removed. There were wet spots on the sheet, so we had to quickly do a load of laundry before time to put him to bed. Patrick apparently also chose today as a good day to strip.

I'm sure there are more stories from today too, but again I'm tired. It's weird not sleeping until noon-ish. At least tomorrow I can return to a more normal routine, even though it's going to kill me when evening comes and Matt doesn't. I don't know how I'm going to make it almost four full days without him. I hope Patrick stays super cute the next few days so I can avoid those otherwise inevitable emotional posts about how much I miss him.

And here are the cute pictures from today:

Stupid blogger. It won't let me upload my pictures. Check back tomorrow. I guess I'll have to include them then, if blogger is cooperating by then.

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Blogger Anita said...

Hi it sounds like church was definatly worth going I don't think I would of been able to keep a straight face in there while the priest stripped....but I bet he did have everyone's attention..
It's cute you had your own little strip tease at home, wait until he does it when someone is

Have a great day

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